Becoming a member

To become a member of Geelong Archers, new participants in archery must first complete our Come 'N' Try course. 

This course covers basic shooting technique and safety while shooting.

Our Come 'N' Try courses are a great way to start archery, they are run by qualified archery instructors, giving you a chance to safely try out archery and see if its the sport for you.

Each Come 'N' Try course runs for three weeks. Minimum age is 10 years old. 

Cost for the three weeks Come 'N' Try course is:

  • Adults: $70
  • Juniors $50 (Under 18)
  • Deakin Students $50

This cost covers:

  • Bow Hire
  • Instruction on shooting technique
  • Instruction on shooting safety
  • Any Deakin University students who wish to undertake the Come 'N' Try course must have a valid photo student ID in order to receive the discount. Any further questions please call our course coordinator.

Dates for the 2018 Come 'N' Try courses are listed below:

  • Course 1 - Nov 10th,17th,24th..            2018
  • Course 2 - February 2nd, 9 th,16 th.     2019
  • Course 3 - April 20th, May 4th,11th.     2019
  • Course 4 - July 20th, 27th, August 3rd. 2019
  • Course 5 - October 12th,19th,26th.       2019
  • Course 6 - Nov. 23rd,30th,Dec. 7th.      2019

For more information, or to sign up to a Come 'N' Try course, please contact Mary Niewinski via the following email address:

or call the club phone number: 0478 167 965
Payments for the Come 'N' Try are to be made to
Geelong Archers
BSB:   033-275             Account No:  244371

Once you have completed the Come 'N' Try course and would like to become a member our current membership fees are shown in Below

Rates are as Follows:

Adults Membership for 12 months cost  $230

Youth Membership (under 18 yo)  for 12 months cost $160

Note: Geelong Archers Fees shall only be paid via the website here are the details

Step 1. Go to : 

Step 2. On the AA Home page in the top right corner CLICK on New Member if You Joining for the first Time Or CLICK Renew if you are an existing AA Member.
Step 3. "Members Section" In the bottom Left corner CLICK on "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" This will enable you to retrieve a username on the following page.
Step 4. "Username Retrieval Part 1" In the Bottom Left corner enter your email address CLICK Submit you will then be sent a Username.
Step 5. "Username Retrieval Part 2" Once you have been told you have been emailed a Username, go to your emails copy the username and return to the previous page containing "Username Retrieval Part 1"
Step 6. Now enter your email address and your NEW Username into the "Password retrieval" Section and Click Submit, you will then be emailed a Password.
Step 7. Now return to the first Membership LOGIN PAGE and enter your NEW Username and NEW Password and follow the prompts to pay your fees online.

  1. As from 1 January 2016 new members shall pay a $30.00 Joining Fee and receive a “GA Welcome Pack” consisting of:

Ø  GA Polo Shirt

Ø  GA Car Window Decal/Car Window Sticker

Ø  AA Brochure “10 Basic Steps to Shooting”

Ø  AA Brochures x 4

  1. Geelong Archers Associate Members may also be referred to as “Non-Shooting Members.”
  2. Archery Australia Family Membership Fees offer a discount, as detailed above, ie $180.00
  3. The World Archery and Archery Australia terminology “Youth” has been used, and refers to those 20 years old or under, either male or female.
       The once-off Joining Fee is to be paid to 

      Geelong Archers

BSB:   033-275             Account No:  244371


From now on the gate we normally enter Jarvis Oval from will probably be closed. We all have to enter from Deakin. Go along Colac Rd, turn right at the Bunnings traffic lights (Deakin Uni sign), Pigdons Rd. Turn left into Deakin Uni (Alfred Deakin Dr), turn left at first roundabout (Nicol Dr), go over three speed humps, turn left into the narrow dirt road at Archery sign and 40km sign into Jarvis Rd. Go through the gates and go slowly down the hill. We are on the left of Jarvis Oval. Park where we normally park on the upside of gravel road.

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