Club Competition Results 2019

Club Competition Results 2019

The second weekend of the month is now a Club Competition Day.

For juniors and seniors alike we encourage all club members of all skill levels to participate.

Taking place at both Deakin and Abe Woods Reserve alternating on the second Saturday and second Sunday of the month we will have a variety of different shoots over the year. All club members are encouraged to participate for their own enjoyment, for those with a
 competitive streak the scoring for Club Championships is as follows:

Click the link below to see 2019 Club shoot schedule

Placing  -  Points
1st            12
2nd            9
3rd             7
4th             5
5th             4
6th             3
7th             2
8th             1

Leaderboard for 2019

Over All Score

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Nardo De Amicis,
27 Dec 2018, 18:56