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Where there is a will there is a way

Jakob VA Award 2018

Jakod one of our very promising juniors. Remember his face you will probably see it representing Australia one day :) 

                               Hayden's Perfect Score over 50m Great Effort 

                                                  The Shooting Line

This is Neil's first "Robin Hood" (shooting a arrow in the back of another arrow)
A happy and sad moment (as both arrows are normally wreaked)

Jakob wins another Metal

Nice form guys elbows nice and high

Nice Shooting Alex

                  See you dont need a expensive Bow to shoot straight Hey Nathan 

                         Yes Girls shoot Bows..and Straight it seems. WD Sophie

Bruce (52 years young) and Luke (13 years old) Shooting 50m together. Never to young or to old to do Archery

Mark (Jakob Dad) perfect score at 50m must run in the family

Archers come in all shapes and sizes

Andy finally stopped fiddling with his bow and is now starting to shot straight All gold over 40m well done mate

All Gold Nardo

Who put that tree there

This is our Great Field Course built within the grounds of Deakin Uni
Are you up for the challenge ?