Safety Rules

The safety requirements below include, but are not limited to the following;

  1. Obey all safety signs posted by the club.
  2. Never draw your bow towards the sky
  3. Only point the bow in the direction of the target regardless of being loaded or unloaded
  4. Never shoot arrows into the air or where you cannot see them land.
  5. Only use the bow in the way you are told by the Instructors.
  6. Always be aware of where the arrows are when retrieving them, and when they are being removed from targets, the blunt end will injure you if you walk into it.
  7. Always stand well back from the target once you have completed shooting your arrows.
  8. Remember the only place for a loaded bow is the shooting line.
  9. Remember to always follow the Instructor’s directions about when it is safe to start, when you must stop shooting and when you can move forward to collect arrows.
  10. Always immediately stop shooting if a person or animal strays onto the shooting range.
  11. Be mindful of archers and spectators around you and be safety conscious for them and yourself.
  12. Smoking is not permitted within 10m of archers on the shooting line.
  13. Remember only shooters and Instructors can be at the shooting line. Spectators must remain at least 3m behind the shooting line.
  14. All Dogs must be a minimum of 3m behind the line and on a leash.